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Discover Africa’s largest city

Are you curious about Africa’s largest city? Book a flight to Lagos and watch a dance performance at the National Arts Theatre or listen to authentic Nigerian music at the Muson Centre. Browse through stalls with traditional medicines, spices and beads at the Lekki Market and the large Jankara Market. You’ll definitely find a souvenir or two there.

Museums and afrobeats

Although Nigeria has a lot to offer, safety cannot always be guaranteed, unfortunately. In Lagos, travelling by taxi, and sometimes with a trusted guide or a security agent, is therefore a must. At the Kalakuta Republic Museum, housed in musician and political activist Fela Kuti’s former home, you’ll learn more about Nigerian history as well as the artist’s life and the afrobeat he pioneered. Black Heritage Museum is the place to go for all there is to know about slavery in Nigeria. For traditional as well as contemporary art, visit the Nike Art Gallery. With luck you’ll bump into the owner, the famous artist Nike Davies-Okundaye. Treat yourself: book a flight to Lagos now!

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Eating suya in the rainforest

Although it is a gigantic and bustling city, Lagos also offers plenty of opportunities to unwind. Walk across the boardwalk at Lekki Conservation Centre to spot monkeys, birds and crocodiles. At the end of the walk you can have a great picnic in this unique rainforest; an excellent opportunity to sample ‘suya’, a local dish consisting of spicy beef with vegetables. And don’t miss out on a day at the beach, for instance, the popular Bar Beach on Victoria Island.

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