KLM has the ambition to become Europe’s most customer-centric, innovative, and efficient network carrier, but we also have a commitment to broader society. We therefore participate in a wide array of initiatives with selected partners, striving to protect the environment and preserve cultural heritage. In addition, KLM supports several major organisations assisting people in need.

Wings of Support

KLM has its own charitable organisation, called “Wings of Support”, which was founded by KLM and Martinair staff and runs projects that provide shelter, education and medical care for underprivileged children worldwide. KLM is engaged in several partnerships that aim to preserve cultural heritage and, more generally, offer support to arts and cultural initiatives. Examples include the Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and various leading museums and theatres in the Netherlands. KLM chooses to develop long-term partnerships, which ensure a clear focus and optimise the efficient deployment of available funding.

KLM does not align itself with initiatives that have political and religious affiliations, nor those that engage with offensive issues or dangerous sports. KLM does, however, support golf as a sport, as well as various long-distance running events.

Individual sponsorship requests

The budget that KLM makes available to sponsorship is entirely spent on the above initiatives. We are therefore, regrettably, unable to accommodate any individual sponsorship requests. Should we have funding available for individual requests, we will post an announcement on this page.